At the beginning the BAGUET MAP PACK was a small group of French mappers. Our goal was to bring a bit of fresh air to our favorite game, Day of Defeat: Source.

During the past 12 months the team has changed somewhat and we have greatly improved our maps.


dod_almere is set in the Netherlands at a German V1 launch site. The Allies must destroy all the German equipment in order to eliminate the danger this launch site presents.


dod_causeways is a five flag map centered on a small town located in Normandy. Both sides must control the town by capturing the church and the flak guns.


dod_colonia is a three flag map set in a mansion property commandeered by the Axis as their headquarters on the island Sicily. Both sides must win the game by capturing the mansion (a three player cap) and the opposition’s first flag.


dod_wildenthal is an objective map. The Allies have to destroy the enemy’s radar, Flak 18 anti-aircraft guns and radio complex. The Axis forces have to prevent them from doing so.

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